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Ugezu J. Ugezu is from Enugwu Ukwu in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, a graduate of Public Administration from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He is married with children, and lives with his family in Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria.

Ugezu J. Ugezu is a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, a professional association of Nigerian filmmakers that defied all odds to rebrand the image of the country globally through positive films, videos and other creative contents, telling the Nigerian story to the world. For six years, 2010 to 2016, he worked as the Coordinator of Nollywood activities in South Central Zone of Nollywood political distribution in Nigeria, a position he left without prejudice, when he contested and won the office of the National Secretary of the apex Nollywood Guild, Directors Guild of Nigeria. It was during his tenure as Coordinator in the South Central Zone that Asaba became the hub of Nollywood Productions.

In 2014, Ugezu J. Ugezu was invited to, and he attended the 3RD INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITERS CONFERENCE in Warsaw- Poland as the only delegate from Nigeria, where he presented a paper, NOLLYWOOD, AN EMERGING FORCE IN GLOBAL 2

ENTERTAINMENT. As the ONLY black man in that glorious conference of international screenwriters, Ugezu J. Ugezu did excellently well to positively export the country to the world.

It is on record that the Creative/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria has risen to be a global brand, making fundamental contributions towards the growth of Nigeria as a country, and Africa, as a continent. The fact that the industry was made and nurtured in Nigeria by patriotic and very creative Nigerians is an indication that what we need to develop all the sectors of Nigeria is already in existence in Nigeria. All we need do is assign responsibilities to people who are competent and ready to serve, and positive things will start to happen.

By all standards, the success recorded by the Creative/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria is traced to the concerted efforts by men and women in the industry who have continued to research into various ways we can use the resources available to us to achieve mind-blowing results. To the glory of God, we have done this over the years and we have now come to the conclusion that the time is ripe for us to launch the magic of the creative and the entertainment industry in all other sectors of the Nigerian economy. In Nigeria, we have consistently tried retired military officers to serve as our political leaders, and the truth remains that these respected military officers have not salvaged the country. We have 3 equally tried people from other departments of the economy and they have not managed to drag us out of retrogression, backwardness and massive lack of development.

It is time for Nigerians to try the Creative Industry.


  1. REBUILD NIGERIAN INFRASTRUCTURES Any leader or political aspirant in Nigeria who fails to acknowledge the near collapse of practically all the Nigerian Infrastructures is not being sincere. Successive governments from 1999, even the entire military regimes before 1999 all promised to rebuild the infrastructures. The truth however is that these infrastructures have remained in their pathetic states, making it impossible for things to work effectively in Nigeria. Major parts of our highways in Nigeria are death traps and governments are not taking any fundamental actions towards solving the problem. It has become so bad that government at a point advised the citizens against travelling at night. This, to me, is the zenith of government irresponsibility. In a free country like the one we have and live in, citizens have the right to travel anytime they want. Their freedom of movement is enshrined in the laws of the land. One of the duties of government is to provide valid and well lighted roads to make easy movements possible for the people. It is unacceptable that we do not have intercity and interstate roads that are properly lighted in 4 Nigeria so as to enable those that love travelling at night to still enjoy their freedom of movement. Under a YDP government with Ugezu J. Ugezu as president, policies on road construction and maintenance will be revisited to ensure the perfect destruction of the corruption that has left our roads in the deplorable states they are today. There shall be a vigorous pursuit and establishment of functioning rail transport system that will connect all the major cities in all the political zones of this country. We have wallowed for so long in unnecessary politics that slow down the pace of development. The time to declare state of emergency on Nigerian Infrastructures is now and it will happen under a YDP government.
  1. PURSUE A VIGOROUS CLEAR CUT SOCIAL SECURITY REGIME THAT WILL DRIVE ALL OTHER SECURITIES IN NIGERIA. Social Security is the security that drives other securities in all the civilised nations of the world. Social Security will help us know who we are, where we are now, and where we are coming from. It is when we have this social security information on everyone legally on our soil that we can plan effectively, that is equally when we can police our country. We have played a lot of retrogressive politics with Social Security identification in this country and it has reversed us as a people instead of moving us forward. The time to aggressively tackle this problem is now and that is one of the immediate things Young Democratic Party, [YDP] will pursue when Ugezu J. Ugezu is elected as President. The 5 time to restart the engine of Nigeria is now.
  1. MASSIVE AND UNPRECEDENTED COMMITMENT TOWARDS STRENGTHENING THE NIGERIA POLICE The police of any nation is the oil that keeps that nation functioning. It is unfortunate that successive governments in Nigeria have continued to play politics with the police. The act of creating many agencies saddled with the responsibility of doing the same jobs the police should be doing goes a long way to show we have not been committed to strengthening the police. In the YDP, we believe that any nation that gets the police right has got everything right. We are committed to getting the police right.


Men and women of the police department will be encouraged to fight all forms of crime because various crimes, mainly road crimes will be monetised and tickets issued digitally to the offenders; a specified percentage of whatever charges the offender pays to the coffers of the government will be remitted to the arresting officer, the more crimes a police officer arrests, the more money he makes for himself or herself, and this has got nothing to do with the Living Salary Package that police officers, and indeed all civil and public servants, will enjoy under YDP. A serious government can easily set up the modalities that will ensure the implementation of this drive. We must vigorously work towards policing our country. Any sincere individual will easily see the high level of recklessness on our roads, colossal abuse of public privileges, wanton destruction of public facilities by lawless citizens; all these point to the fact that the country is not being policed as should 6

  1. A YDP government with Ugezu J. Ugezu as President will create a police country. A police country is that country where no crime will ever go unpunished, where the application of rules of justice is blind, where the law is applied at all times. We have come to the conclusion that until all crimes are identified and punished, nations of the world will never take us seriously and we may never achieve our potentials as a nation. This is the time for us to start the engine of this country.
  2. A PROTECTED FREE MARKET FOR NIGERIANS AND ALL THE SINCERE PEOPLE DOING BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA. Young Democratic Party, [YDP] when elected into office with Ugezu J. Ugezu as president, will not just create a protected free market for all players doing businesses legally in Nigeria, we must work aggressively towards protecting local manufacturers and businesses. Despite all the policies successive governments have made in this regard, Nigeria has continued to be a dumping ground for major established manufacturers, and this has crippled a lot of manufacturing companies and establishments in Nigeria, ranging from textile to automobiles and other manufacturing establishments in Nigeria. The primary concern of all credible governments is the prosperity and wellbeing of the people. The onus of creating the business environment that will drive businesses into the lane of prosperity weighs on the government. A YDP government under Ugezu J. Ugezu as President will provide, nurture and protect that business environment for the benefit of 7 Nigerians and friends of Nigeria doing legitimate businesses in our country. Under global free trade agreements, all firms, nations and businesses of the world will still freely do businesses in Nigeria, but all the loose ends that left us to be a dumping ground for major players MUST be tightened for the benefit of our local manufacturers. We must protect them by policy patronage and nurture them into greatness.
  1. POWER GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION I understand that power is what drives all manufacturing industries in the world. There will be no need to go into the notorious rhetoric of a cabal sabotaging the efforts of successive governments towards power generation and distribution in Nigeria. The argument cannot stand the test of logic for it shows clear lack of commitment and seriousness on the parts of all the successive governments and even the incumbent. Without mincing words, I will come tough against whatever cabal sabotaging power generation and distribution in Nigeria. When we allow the made laws of the land to rule in the land, we will discover that enough power to serve the power need in Nigeria can be generated in less than a year. When we continue to look at faces, when we continue to play the settlement politics with something as crucial power generation and distribution, nothing will work. I am going to dismantle that corrupt structure in power generation and distribution in Nigeria. Backs will break, people will be exposed and punished; standards will be created and followed, trust me, things will start to work. The major problem we have in Nigeria is continued reinforcement of 8 failures. We play a lot of retrogressive politics with even things that bother on the lives of the people. Young Democratic Party with Ugezu J. Ugezu as the President will never reinforce failure in any department of governance and public life. New policies shall be made and new implementers shall be found. Things will work for we have credible and extremely patriotic men and women in this country, patriotic and highly detribalized men and women that could turn things around.
  1. CREATE A STANDARD TAX REGIME IN NIGERIA Through a scientific social security structure, based on validly collected bio data that will generate SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS for all, we shall launch a standard tax regime that will banish tax holidays in Nigeria. A country like Nigeria, with our verified consuming power, standing as the highest in the entire Africa, can generate the money to run our economy comparatively, through internal taxes, and not rely on oil, price of which we do not decide and cannot control. Young Democratic Party [YDP] believes that we must, as a people, aggressively diversify our economy into having other credible and sustainable sources of revenue and not base our budget annually on oil proceeds.
  2. FOOD SECURITY We will set up an agricultural policy, based on the reality on ground in our country, and not copying what another country has done, something that may not work in Nigeria because of the peculiar nature and composition of our country. We are determined to come up with 9 the policy that will set the pace for attainment of FOOD SECURITY in Nigeria in less than four years. Food Security is when food is not only available for all through the year, but when the available food is affordable for all. With aggressive pursuit of realistic agricultural policies, we shall attain food security in less than four years. In the creative and entertainment industry, we have tried a model that worked, and that is to find out how we can do it in Nigeria as Nigerians, and not kill ourselves trying to learn how others do it in their country. Today, major universities and institutions of learning across the globe are coming to learn the secret of Nollywood, the creative/entertainment industry in Nigeria that took the world by storm. That model that made Nollywood a global brand will be applied in the Agriculture Department and a new page will be opened in food production in Nigeria.
  1. RESTORATION OF FUNCTIONING DIGITALISED BUREAUCRACY The major problem we have in Nigeria is the near collapse of bureaucracy in the running of government businesses. Officials of government have grown to master how to manipulate the rules of running government businesses. This is why practically all awarded contracts will follow the rules as given, or what we have come to call due process, and still something is fundamentally wrong. The level of corruption we see after the application of due process makes it clear that something is still wrong with the due process. There is need to urgently upgrade and digitalise the operations of the civil service in Nigeria. All successive governments promised the restructuring of the 10 civil service; truth however, is that all successive governments have not restructured the civil service. The question begging for an answer is:- WHY? A vibrant civil service, completely structured out of the analogue structure we have had over the years is what we need now. Cases of Ghost Workers make us appear very backward in the eyes of the world. In this digital age, why must a system still have ghost workers? When something goes wrong, the blame goes to the ghost worker and the criminals that initiated and executed the crimes are still in the system, untouched and unnoticed, and they will commit another crime and blame the ghost worker again. For how long shall this happen? Digitalised Bureaucracy has become a global language and one wonders why we are in the world and we are not moving with the world. We must rise to take charge of things so that when things go wrong in a system, we will immediately know the people involved. If we must rise to start competing with all the nations of the world on the indices of good governance, then we must rise to the level of Digital Bureaucracy.
  1. CREATE AND SUPPORT AN INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY Destruction of the edge the executive arm of government has on the appointment of judges is vital to me and I have made it a priority. I am perpetually convinced that we must not continue to copy what happens in other countries. Nigeria is a complex country with complex challenges, and for us to find our bearing, surmount these enormous challenges and start living together as one people in one prosperous 11 nation, we must invent a system that can work here. In a country like Nigeria, the Judiciary has to be 100% independent from the executive arm of government. That is the prelude towards ensuring separation of powers. A situation where the executive appoints the judges and the legislature approves has been working somewhere else, but empirical examples in Nigeria have shown that it has not been working well for us. We have had cases were the courts are closed for months because the judges or judicial workers have gone on strike, possibly because the executive arm has failed to do what they should do. We need to have a system where either of two things should be happening. The same masses that elected the executive should equally be the ones that elect the judges, or the Judicial Department must be entrusted with the responsibility of electing the judges from amongst themselves. We cannot grow as a people without strengthening our administrative structures. I don’t want to be that President that appoints the Judges. The Judiciary is the last hope of the common man and we must create the environment for the Judiciary to function without interference from the executive. Government at all times must be careful with it’s actions knowing fully well that they can be sued in a free court that is not under their control, a free court that they cannot starve of operational funds and infrastructural development, a free court that they cannot manipulate. When we convince the world through the administrative structures that 12 we are setting up, that duly registered businesses can sue governments for negligence, hypocrisy in application of rules, inconsistency in policies, double standards in policy formations and executions, etcetera, and get justice against government, the investors we need as a people will freely come into our country to invest for they know there is a vibrant judiciary in place that can protect them when things go wrong. A country that deliberately has a fragile judiciary should not be expecting massive foreign investors.
  1. RULE OF LAW As a matter of urgency, we must dismantle all impediments that lead to reckless obstruction of justice and allow the LAWS OF THE LAND TO RULE. To get this country functioning is very easy, it only requires an executive with the right and progressive approach to governance; and that is to allow the law to rule; to maintain the rule of equality of all before the law. A government must not have any room for sacred cows for all crimes must be punished, no matter who the committer is. A system will start to crack and possibly collapse when it is discovered that the laws are made for certain people, and others are empowered and emboldened to live above the law. Young Democratic Party [YDP], when elected into power, shall ensure 100% era of Rule of Law.
  2. ERADICATION OF EMBEZZLEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS Going to serve in the government, in elective or appointive capacities must be 100% call to service. It is a shame that people who were failures in businesses and other private disciplines and endeavours will 13 finally secure offices or positions in government and will start living and spending money like millionaires. It has become so glaring in Nigeria that people go into government to enrich themselves. The sad reality in all these is that people commit these glaring crime of embezzling public funds and will still be walking free, with even police securities provided for them to lord themselves over lawful and helpless Nigerians. This is disheartening and absolutely unacceptable. When I became President, the entire bureaucracy that surrounds government expenditure must be restored to checkmate the fraudulent tendencies of these criminals in the system that are perpetually looking for ways to steal government money. Funds mapped out for anything MUST be used for that exact thing. Governments have continued to waste the time they should use for something productive in searching for those that stole government money. We are going to create a system where it will be impossible to even steal government money.
  1. SPORTS Sports has been identified as a major uniting factor in this country and we are hoping to create new sports policies that will lead to unprecedented revival in our sports. We understand that governments’ involvements in sports have not helped to improve the department; rather, it has enmeshed the department into endless internal politics that killed sports in Nigeria instead of growing same. Under Young Democratic Party [YDP], and Ugezu J. Ugezu as President, various sports associations shall be 14 empowered and emboldened to function as independent associations. We will discover eventually that we have liberated the sports department from collapse. Let me give us a simple example. If NIGERIA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION is made to function as an associating that will have a functioning office in all local governments of Nigeria, an association that anyone that likes football and wishes to even discuss football must join, in a country of conservative one hundred and eighty million people, majority of which love football, that association can generate at least five million members. If each member of the association pays an annual due of one thousand naira, that association on their own has generated five billion naira to run their secretariats. Remember, they can have up to fifty million members. There are a lot of endorsements open to them and of course, they will have corporate members that will not be paying one thousand naira but something meaningful. This same format can apply for other sports associations. These various sports associations will elect their executives without government interference. Government will only create the environment for them to function efficiently and effectively, and lend a support when the need arises. I am convinced that sports in Nigeria will fare well under this arrangement and we can start again to export our country positively to the world in the area of sports and youth development.
  1. EDUCATION LOANS Young Democratic Party [YDP] will only provide free quality primary 15 education. Secondary education will not be free, but will be very affordable and of international quality. Most importantly, education loans, schemed into the beneficiaries’ social security numbers, will be available for all Nigerian youths for their tertiary education. Any Nigerian youth that wants to further his or her education will not be limited by inability to pay the fees. Government will provide the needed education loans that youths can access. The beneficiary will start paying back when they have graduated and are working. I acknowledge that setting up this system may be problematic, but we are determined to set it in motion in Nigeria and it is going to work. Never again shall the talents and intelligence of a Nigerian youth be wasted because he or she is not privileged to come from rich families. The system will become the family that anyone can run to and the system will never disappoint. When we seal all the conduit pipes through which state funds are embezzled, we shall have the funds to restart the engine of Nigeria.
  1. PENSION SCHEME The era where qualified pensioners are made to practically pass through the eye of the needle before getting the funds they are entitled to will be banished forever. It is regrettable that we have had cases where pensioners die in agony while waiting for the money they are entitled to. The problem is not that governments have not been providing these monies. The problem is that some very corrupt elements in the system have been sitting on these monies. We are going to eradicate this satanic corruption that makes it difficult, if not 16 impossible for pensioners to get their entitlements. The pension scheme will be modified to even cater for ALL THE OLD MEN AND WOMEN that can no longer fend for themselves, whether they served the government or not. They are the parents of the nation and they have to feel the positive impact of government.
  1. SATISFY THE HOUSING NEEDS OF THE NATION Technical Colleges will be encouraged to train the engineers that we are going to assimilate into the ministries of works and housing. It is a shame that over the years, these ministries have existed and successive governments have not devised means to make them productive for the nation. Under a YDP government, ministry of works will be revitalized and repositioned to engage the services of young Nigerians that will be working towards rebuilding the collapsing infrastructures across the nation, the ministry of housing will equally be revitalised and repositioned to engage the services of young Nigerians that will be building new cities in Nigeria and repairing the existing ones to attend to the housing needs of the people. Truth is that we are going to compel all the departments of government to work for the good of the nation.
  2. RESTORE THE NIGERIAN DREAM Ugezu J. Ugezu as the president of Nigeria will work towards restoring the faith of Nigerians in the Nigeria Project. Any Nigerian citizen irrespective of where he or she comes from, can aspire to be anything in Nigeria and every single retrogressive policy that has made this impossible over the years shall be uprooted. That vision for A NEW 17 NIGERIA that I already captured in my song… NIGERIA IS ONE, shall be pursued and achieved. Let us come together and restart the engine of Nigeria. Nigeria has not gone beyond redemption. We can still salvage this country.  UGEZU J. UGEZU FOR PRESIDENT #TOGETHERWECAN


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